Multi - C7 Plastic LED - Transparent Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Purple - Box of 25 - 5 Bulbs of each color

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C7 LED Christmas lighting looks natural, beautiful, and striking, but consumes a fraction of the power compared to normal incandescent Christmas light sets. 32 LED lights use less power than 1 of the old regular bulbs. C7 LED bulbs are just as bright and festive as incandescent bulbs, making your lighting project stand out. Plastic bulbs offer a high quality product, which are break resistant, and will last for many years. Say goodbye to that expensive electric bill this holiday season
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  • Smooth, crisp and clean construction for that not so LED Look
  • Spotlight tip for maximum brightness
  • Break resistant plastic bulb cover
  • Bright, Staggered 3 LED diodes (Filament Style)
  • Color diodes match bulb cover
  • Indoor / Outdoor rated
  • Cool to the touch
  • Fits standard C7 (E12) socket
  • 20,000 Hours - estimated bulb life
  • UPC: 855439007157
  • MFG Model #: V-10427
  • Manufacturer: VILLAGE